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"A speaker and performer on the world's biggest stages and film sets, David Chabeaux is the very essence of creativity, performance and change."

An Internationally renowned changemaker, keynote speaker, film actor (Peaky Blinders, Gold, Bulletproof, Red Rose, Hollyoaks), director, and history-making singer-songwriter, David Chabeaux is the embodiment of creativity, performance, change and a pioneer in their practical application.


On Stage, Washington, USA.jpg

David is a real innovator. His keynotes and sessions have ignited the fires of positive change in thousands of our staff and senior leaders across our global business.

Global VP
Cisco Systems

I've seen many speakers at many conferences...David's human, vulnerable honesty makes him one of the most powerful I've experienced. He genuinely moved me.

Dr Tom Manion
CEO, Irwell Valley

David's beautiful, anthemic song Lionhearts inspired a whole movement and brought Archbishop Desmond Tutu to our cause with a prayer for Lions. 

Linda Tucker
Conservationist and Author


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