David Chabeaux is an internationally acclaimed composer, performer, speaker and writer.

AS AN ARTIST his works have been heard from New York Fashion Week and The BBC to concerts at The Royal Albert Hall and have been used to influence community change on a global scale. He regularly collaborates with other celebrated performers, artists and pioneering figures of real change and is passionate about the place and power of art to make a hugely positive difference in the world. The songs ‘LionHearts’ and ‘Children Of The Sun’ from David’s 2015 album SPARK are currently being used by the global ‘One United Roar’ movement to put pressure on governments worldwide to ban the trade of ‘canned hunting’ and trophy hunting of animals in South Africa. In the Autumn of 2015, David also wrote, produced and led a community concert of SPARK in his hometown of Derby, featuring over 100 local musicians and schoolchildren performing alongside stars of the Disney Movie and West End Musical ‘The Lion King’. Community change was ignited.

AS A CREATIVITY EXPERT his speeches, coaching, and lectures around creativity and change continue to be a revelation in the worlds of business and education and his credentials in this area are significant. As a former Director at the global consulting firm of the great American Leadership guru Dr. Stephen R Covey – author of ‘The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People – David has collaborated with some of the most inspirational and innovative leaders, teams, educational institutes and organisations on the planet.